Friday, September 14, 2007

Tamiya! Coming soon! German Tank Destroyer Hetzer in the 1/35 scale

Item #35285
Retail Price: $48.00

Already available as a 1/48 scale MM series kit, Tamiya now responds to the requests of military modellers and announces the release of the German Tank Destroyer Hetzer Mid Production in the 1/35 scale.

About the Hetzer
In 1943, the German high command ordered development of a new purpose-built tank destroyer to replace all of the interim vehicles like the Marder, and the Hetzer was quickly created to meet this requirement. Based on the Panzerkampfwagen 38(t), the Hetzer housed a crew of 4 in its low, compact hull. It was armed with a powerful Pak 39 L/48 75mm gun in a fixed mounting and featured sloped armor for enhanced protection. 2,584 were produced by May of 1945, and modifications were continually added during production, leading to differences between early, mid, and late production models.

About the model
  • High-quality 1/35 scale assembly kit model of the mid production Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer.
  • Brand new moldings with new details such as the remote control MG34 machine gun mount on the top of the hull and periscopic binoculars.
  • Includes both belt type and assembly type caterpillar tracks for more modeling options.
  • Accessory parts such as a jack and other tools add lifelike detail to the hull.
  • 1 tank crew figure in realistic standing pose included.
  • 4 types of markings also included.

  • Now this model kit is available on Ebay only from sellers from Hong-Kong.
    Only 3 sellers has this model kit.
    This is:
    - model-direct( 247 )
    - dogdogcome( 1352 )
    bboykorea382( 1266 )
    Now only one kit is in active auction on eBay.
    Check this link.

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