Thursday, September 20, 2007

Enamel, Acrylic or Lacquer Paint?!

Hello again my dear readers!
Let talk about paints! We always paint our plastic models in different paints, so today we talk about classification of paints!
So Enamel, Acrylic or Lacquer Paint?


Lacquer Paint

very quick dry

beautiful gloss
air brushing
very tough
harm health
hand painting

Enamel Paint

beautiful metal
hand painting
good for washing
harm health
very slow dry
harm plastic

Acrylic Paint

beautiful flat
thin by water
slow dry
air brushing
easy fingerprinting

And now we will talk about painting one paint type under second paint type! Chck this table for compatibility of different types of paints!

--------Over Coat
Under Coat--------

How to read this table?! "You can not paint Lacquer on Enamel" or "You can paint Acrylic on Lacquer."
But remember, you can not mix any combination of enamel, acrylic and lacquer paints!!!

Thanks for attention! Good luck!