Friday, March 20, 2009

Dingo Mk. III Scout Car Miniart 35077 review

Dingo Mk. III Scout Car Miniart 35077

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The "Dingo" in detail
It would be an absurd and pointless to compare this model with the older Tamiya, so let us assume that this is the first model produced by the vehicle and leave it at that ...!

The first thing to think about the sprues, as many parts. The dingo was probably one of the smallest (armored) vehicles of World War II, and it is amazing how many parts have been considered necessary to reproduce. This is partly due to the fact that it is an open-top vehicle, and not with a full interior would be counter-productive. The other problem, if the modeler must be reasonable (as if we are not) is the thickness of the walls of the crew one. Looking at it from different angles, they look good and give an impression of scale. Brief produce them in photo-etch (with added entertainment value of the bend to the right angle) the designer has done an excellent job.

Another well thought out was in the design of the wheels. The tread pattern is perfectly reproduced, and each wheel is a piece of molding system, which avoids damage to the tread and problems with orientation. Each wheel is equipped with a separate application for the hub on the axle on this page.
With regard to the internal details for a moment, everything is as it should be. The N º 19 radio is done well, with his battery, and the seats are very nicely detailed and the debate on the design of the originals. The Super Detailer may want additional cabling to areas such as the radio (the protective "cage" in the PE-leaf) and the wiring inside the building, but apart from that, pretty much everything is there.

The hatch in the fuselage are finely made, although there is a very thin film of flash-round, they need careful cleaning.

The suspension, it is for those who dislike complex constructions - Good News! - Suspension of Dingo is pretty simple. The big spring shock absorber is also a little more attention, because in my eyes, the coils are a little too close together. Not every kind of problem - a few minutes with a file should arrange it. The N º 19 aerial mount is well done, as well as the distinctive "British" fire extinguishers. Side lights and main lights, etc. are excellent reproductions of the originals - again, the company has done its homework on the little details.

I have only superficial measurements with my own plans, but from what I can tell, there are no glaring errors in the angles and dimensions.

With the subtlety of some of the smaller parts, real care must be exercised as they consider their sprues - This is a very sophisticated model, and the small pieces reflect this.

The crew figures
Hey! They are made MiniArt, and they are British. What more could you ask for? Well, in fairness, they are some very good numbers. Both are shown to bear the AFV Crew denim overalls. Check my references, once again, that all should be present there. A figure sits to the driver as the vehicle, the other, is the vehicle commander. Some light cleaning to eliminate some forms of lines, however, that apart from two excellent figures. Detail is crisp and right brains are good though perhaps some might want to use AM resin heads (especially to change the head-gear). In itself but a good sign for the future.

MiniArt, like all major manufacturers are not following "whims". They invest in the bars and tools, which are to maximize their investments. I would expect that the Italian Lince in the future along with the Mk.1 / 2 in the German service.

Once again, the long wait was worth it. This is an excellent model of a very common vehicle was in service for more than 30 years. The quality of the forms of the superlative is not in the "Shake 'n Bake" class, it is in a superb model with some basic modeling skills. Although I miss the gate, about what I had was enough for me to say that MiniArt have some serious work on this set, which is in sales - that earned in large quantities.

Finally, once again my thanks to the team of MiniArt Ltd for this network can be one of the first at this excellent model!
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