Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Dioramas by Miniart.

Hello. Today I want you to present new kits of Miniart manufacturer. In September Miniart opened a new deparment of model kits. And this is a "Diorama" line. Now there are available only 3 kits but only 2 of them is in sale.

MiniArt is becoming a household name, partly due to the constant release of new products. They have announced the release of two new diorama kits in September this year.

Two new releases come from MiniArts new "Diorama" line. This line of kits states that each comes as a complete diorama.
They include everything you need ; you will find a base, a building, and building details in each of these kits. In past kits they have included propoganda posters too. The website does not picture these. This could have been an oversight, because the site does state that they are included.

The kits are:

36001 Street w/Ruined House


36002 Russian Street w/Advertising Column.
And the third item in "Diorama" category is


and this kit will coming soon.

The first and third kit is fairly generic and can be set in a number of locations while the second has strong Soviet architectural themes in it.
This 3 dioramas are available in Plastic Models Store for a good prices.
In next posts in this blog I will make a reviews of this three dioramas.
Thanks and good luck!